Surrender to the Light
The Sleep of Long Dreams
The Sailor & the Stars
No, it's not a great movie. But yes, they're great actors. They're the whole reason to go twice. And no, I don't like Yoda. Don't get me started.

Although technically a prologue to my "Undeniable" series, I hated to stick it on the page with the dysfunctional couples. Everything I love about the canon Touya & Yukito is right here; funny how they had such a supremely *human* relationship, before finding out that Yuki wasn't human at all.

Love & Light
Lux Vivens: Gonzo Sunset
Sucker Love: Loveslut
Lux Vivens: Moonlight & Van Helsing
I don't know. I have no footnotes about these. Read them; they're an odd-but-interesting AU arising out of Lovers' Walk. Buzzed is my favorite, but I think most people like Gonzo Sunset better. Check out the very cool new book *Reading the Vampire Slayer,* edited by Roz Kaveney; it's all in all a really great book, but of course my favorite part is in the last full paragraph on page 202. That first quote, beginning with "It was insane..." is from Buzzed. So...yes. Wow! <g>

Will be available in the F/K zine *Duet.* It's my first zine appearance, and I'm very proud that I was invited to contribute. I'm in excellent, excellent company. The story is sort of an alternate Call of the Wild, down at the end of an altogether different road.

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Break of Day
The Honeymoon
I don't know if this is a series or not, per se, but Sanzo/Goku and Hakkai/Gojyo is the *only* way to write Saiyuki, so why not pack it all into one universe. Sanzo's bitchy and Goku is persistent, Hakkai is wounded but wise, and Gojyo is wounded and *fine.* The coolest boyband in anime.

Hakkai loves his life.