The Next Hero
I wrote this on a dare, after bragging that I could make any crossover under the sun work. Frankly, I got off easy on this premise. Sorcerers, stuffy British prep schools, Chosen Ones -- what's not to cross? Unfortunately, now that I've seen the Harry Potter movie, my image of Dumbledore is rather different than it used to be, and hence this story reads quite differently to me now. Honestly, though, if you were an ultra-powerful wizard, would you age that badly?

Siege Engine
A weirder premise by far, and I came up with this one all by myself. Although I like both Gabrielle and Janeway, I always felt like they were somewhat high-handed, imposing their own standards and practices on women who in many ways they couldn't hope to understand. I also felt like it was a sign of great love and maturity that Xena and Seven put up with that treatment as gracefully as they did.

Ostensibly a Dark Angel/BtVS crossover, it's really a dark-future story about what would happen if to Slayers if they ever lived to be grown-ups. I like to believe in this Faith, many miles and many revelations post-Sanctuary. I like to believe that she had the right love, even if it was the wrong time.

Even though they live in the middle of a veritable firestorm of adolescent trauma, neither Giles nor Angel is a spring chicken. I think this makes them a bit simpatico, whether they like the idea or not.

I almost wish I hadn't written these, since in general I think doing the good-cop-bad-cop thing with Kowalski and Vecchio as Fraser's rival lovers is a cheap shock-tactic in the characterization department, a way to grossly oversimplify both the ambiguity in the Fraser/Kowalski relationship and the sincerity in the Fraser/Vecchio relationship. But I did it anyway, which proves that I'm an amoral, hypocritical bitch, just as you've always suspected.

Hard Core Hotel Hell
Steal This Book
Again with the crossovers! This one is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hard Core Logo, because everybody likes a rock'n'roll guitarist. If you haven't seen HCL, please, just *don't* read these. Please. Even if you normally are fine with spoilers, I really believe that HCL should be seen unspoiled for full effect. I'm begging.