Officer Friendly
I think this one was originally a challenge -- something about kink involving police paraphernalia (i.e. my beloved shoulder holster), if I recall correctly. How did due South get this reputation for being all sweetness and vanilla? I've been writing twisted Fraser/Kowalski for years, and no one ever complains. What I really love about this one is the end, when the line blurs to invisibility, and they're both exerting a profound sexual and psychological dominance over each other. I *still* don't know who's topping whom here, and it's been almost three years since I wrote this story.

Better Than Ice Cream
Heaven's Defense
There's probably a really great Ray Vecchio/Frankie Zuko story out there, just waiting for the right author to stumble across it. Somewhat perversely, I think, I stumbled across the story about their little sisters instead. In some ways, I think it could have been either pairing, and the essential story would be the same: the past keeps trying to create us in its own image.

The Weakness In Me
The Gate
Black Shoe Diaries
You Can Sleep While I Drive
Say of What You See
anyway the main thing is
By the way, I know that in the real world, everybody is not gay. If I wanted realism, I'd probably quit the slash world and take up golf or something. I have a shameful weakness for love triangles, and this is one of my more torrid and angst-ridden. Although -- is it still a love triangle? Angel + Wesley + Angel's Lindsey + Wesley's Gunn = what? I tried to graph it once; it makes no shape known to geometry. Certainly not a triangle.

A bleaker, crueler version of three men we know and love. Is it out of character? I don't know; I don't think so. I think all of these things -- Fraser's abandonment issues, Vecchio's self-loathing, Kowalski's desperate struggle to protect his dangerously open heart -- exist within them, although they do a better job in "real life" of controlling their darker impulses than I let them do here. I've been told that this Vecchio comes off Mary-Sue-like, which I find both intriguing and disturbing. For the record, sexually and psychologically, the character in this nasty little menage a trois with whom I have the most in common is Kowalski.