Fire in the Sky
The Lover: How
The Lover: First Sight
The Lover: Deep Breath
The Bureau
Kill or Cure: Stroke of Luck
Kill or Cure: Dogs of War
Kill or Cure: Game of Kings
Thank You for Not Smoking
Trinity, After Midnight
Close Enough for Government Work
Beg, Borrow, Steal Away
Some of these are very old, and sometimes I think it shows. You never forget your first, do you? My father and I used to spend every Thanksgiving watching the X-Files marathon on cable. I really love these characters. Still. Always.

Mad Season
Tongue to Heart
Habit Forming
Hours and Days
You know how a lot of characters don't survive in Oz? Neither do a lot of fans. I think it's the essential paradox of the Beecher/Keller affair that drives grown women mad, like a Lovecraftian labyrinth: Yes, they love each other, except when they don't. Yes, they're awful for each other, except when they're not. This series is sort of my attempt at a B/K fangirl's Cliff Notes to the fourth season of Oz.

sweet nothings
vanishing point
Cardcaptor Sakura, a sweet, sweet show to which I'm doing wrong, wrong things. A sick, freaky mix of Touya, Yukito, Yue, and the infernal spectre of Clow Read. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

Weapon of Choice
Did you ever have an idea for a crossover that at first struck you as really absurd and amusing, and then somehow started to make more sense the longer you thought about it? Due South and Oz, for all their surface differences, are shows with two questions at their center: What is just? and How do you create a liveable life in a world that is by turns hostile and indifferent toward virtue? And you thought I just sat around wondering how I could get Ryan O'Reilly to lick Ray Kowalski.